Gratitude yields incredible benefits. It is linked to health. It is linked to overall well-being. It is linked to a long life. And it does good generally. Let us challenge you this season to practice gratitude deliberately. Let's all focus on gratitude in small things - tangible things. For example: I am thankful for the yummy chicken salad I just had for lunch or I am thankful for the warmth I felt from the sunshine on my walk. By focusing on gratitude in small things, we build a repository for enduring gratefulness in our spirit. It also helps to have specificity when aiming to build a habit. (This is a SMART goal concept.) This does not mean we should not be grateful for the big things in life, it is more a challenge to additionally focus on deliberate gratitude actions on a daily basis. The end result will be better quality of life, better health, better overall perspective and more.


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